Lecture Podcasts


I just recently found out that there are already quite a few American universities that offer their lectures and speeches as podcast or at the very least, in downloadable digital music formats. Though I’ve been listening to Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders podcast, it was only last night that I saw a whole lot more podcasts from other schools.

I found out about these when I looked at The Unofficial Apple Website’s entry about Harvard’s podcasts. I’ve already subscribed to one lecture series about Understanding Computers and the Internet.

Stanford on iTunes, aside from the podcast series I mentioned before, also has podcasts on Music, Books, Sports, Faculty Lectures, and several others.

I am also subscribed to University of Hawaii’s ICS101. Course description is that it “covers the fundamental concepts and terms of computer technology, application software for problem solving, computer technology trends and impact on individuals and society.”

A Ludwig von Mises Institute blog post also discusses the increase in the number of schools offering podcasts for free. Aside from their own podcasts, Mises mentions those from MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Rice, and Utah State.

Last but definitely not the least, Productive Strategies lists some more academic lecture podcasts. This is where I found University of Hawaii’s series on Tools for the Information Age.


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