How much do I love thee, iBook? Let me count the ways.


Berislav of NonStopMac counts the ways he loves his iBook. He loves the way it looks, the things it can do, and how much more productive he is with his iBook. He claims that he is at least 50% more productive on his iBook than on his Gericom Notebook or his Compaq Tablet PC. As a matter of fact, he has sold both of these machines in lieu of his 12″ iBook.

He also loves the software that came with the iBook. Tiger is a breeze to use and Spotlight and Dashboard makes the computing experience less of a computing experience and more of just an experience. Hardware is no problem. He says that anything he plugs into his iBook gets recognize immediately. There are some things that Mac won’t recognize but it’s a rather short list as compared to how Windows will put your through hell just to make something work. If it does works.

At the end of the day, that 12 hours Berislav spends with his iBook isn’t enough. He can’t bear to watch the iBook sleep. He needs to use it. “I was never so happy with any hardware,” he says. “The best thing about my iBook is that it is the perfect combination of good looks, powerful hardware, fantastic operating system – and the best of it, all that is stuffed in a beatiful 4.9 pounds white box.”


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