Rumors rumors rumors


This reminds me of the 80’s song “I heard a rumor.” Yep. I’m that old.

Forget about the MacIntel or MacTel Mac minis on January 2006 at MWSF, think about something smaller and more colourful. At least that’s what Apple Insider sees for the shuffle. After reading yesterday about how the shuffle will be discontinued, Kasper Jade now reports that the shuffle just might become smaller and will come in different colours. Smaller? How much smaller? That’ll be really hard to hold and control, unless thay can make it stick on your skin or something. Think Secret’s sources tell them that if the MacIntels are indeed released on MWSF 2006 it would most likely be consumer-based products like the iBooks and Mac minis, rather that the high-end computers.

So there’ll be something smaller and with more colours. Now, what about something cheaper? Think Secret says that the first MacIntel to be sold will be the iBook; a cheaper iBook. How much cheaper? Think Secret says about $200 cheaper. This is to lure new and current users away from Dell, Sony, or Toshiba.


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