More of Sony’s idiocy


A Wired News writer calls for a boycott on Sony. He says that even though Sony has temporarily stop making the controversial CDs but Dan Goodin that it’s not enough. ” This kind of behavior can never be tolerated,” he writes. He adds, “…Boycott Sony. Boycott them until they come clean and recall all the infected CDs. Boycott them until they distribute a removal program. Boycott them until they promise never do anything like this again.”

The backlash doesn’t only come from concerned technologists or writers, even Microsoft and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have opposed the copyright protection scheme that Sony has implemented. Microsoft said that they will add a component in their Windows AntiSpyware to detect the rootkit from Sony. In the meantime, the EFF has published an open letter that calls for the removal of all infective CDs from store shelves, to stop saying in their website that their software is not malicious and does not compromise security, and to publicly say that their software does indeed cause a security concern. This and other measures are in EFF’s website.

Groups of security and privacy experts are set to release their findings on ‘XCP’ and the potential for big legal troubles are imminent.

On the plus side, a writer notes that this show of stupidty by Sony BMG could be good for consumers as this will expose the inherent imbalance between DRM and consumer rights.

Sony BMG as recalled all the music CDs with XCP. They also have instituted an exchange program from those CDs already sold. However, their recall only is aimed at Windows users but not the Mac users. Even though Sony BMG seems to have made it before the EFF’s deadline, I feel there are still many things that Sony BMG is not doing or is hiding.

More update:
MDN continues the boycott. Yay.


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