Karma’s a bitch


I mentioned that with the rootkit-installing-copy-protection-CDs debacle, Sony-BMG is just asking for a lawsuit. Well, Here you go. Three lawsuits are already in the offing; one from California, one from New York, and lastly, from the EFF. One of the cases filed is to stop Sony BMG from distributing the software with their CDs and seek damages. The news of Sony BMG’s idiocy has started to show up in mainstream media like the BBC. A list of the CDs from Sony BMG with the XCP copy-protection software has been listed by Deep Links. I don’t believe that this is the whole list. There’s got to be more.

A computer security firm said that they have found the first virus that uses Sony BMG’s copy-protection software. The virus known as “Stinx,” install a malware and then tearsdown a PCs firewall to make it vulnerable to hacking. The malware is invisible under Sony BMG’s software.

Another company is asking for a lawsuit, this time from Apple. ZDNet UK sanctions and knowingly publishes a test of the Mac operating system on a Toshiba laptop despite the fact that this is against EULA that Apple has on the operating system. I really don’t know what these people are trying to prove. That their stupider than most? I’ll give Apple about 2 weeks to respond to this.


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