Rumors for 2006


It’s less than a quarter before 2006 comes a-knockin’ and rumors are once again in the air. This time it’s different because 2006 is the year that Apple releases their Macs with Intel chips or Macintels as some people would call them (other terms include Mactels or Apptels). Jobs said that the Macintels will debut in WWDC 2006 to be held in June.




People are now saying that the Mactels are going to be available much sooner. Rumors have it that a 13″ widescreen iBook with Intel inside will be released on April 2006. However, Intel-based Powerbooks with iSight built-in might be introduced much earlier than the iBooks. Perhaps, Steve Jobs would like these to be released before June 2006 so he can gloat about them come WWDC. Then, after the gloating he will then release the new Intel based Mac minis, iMacs, and PowerMacs, and maybe a product to replace the eMac, something midway between the mini and the iMac. Perhaps a desktop iBook. But I don’t think so. That would eat up the mini’s sales but it would be nice. A $550 version of the iMac, but in a different design.

Reactions are mixed to the announced early release and new designs for the iBook and Powerbook.

This is definitely something to look forward to in 2006. I better start saving. Heh.


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