More bad news: Live died; Sprint stumbles


Previouly on “Bad news”, I mentioned Sony and Napster’s woes. Well it’s Microsoft’s turn to get a bad press (this week). During the demo of Microsoft Live and Office Live, the died halfway through. the presentation. But I hope Microsoft doesn’t give up, I mean they already had a good track record with flops and booboos as taken from Apple Matters:

• The South Korea “Incident” – MS threatens to make S. Korea virus free
• Xbox due out before PS3 – See, it’s not all bad news
• IE patent appeal lost – Time to get out the check book to the tune of $500 million
• Patch creation process flawed leaving system still vulnerable – Earth still round, water still wet
• Windows Media Center upgraded – User interface goes from “raped in city jail” to “tortured in Vietnamese POW camp”
• In USA Internet Explorer is down to 80% market share – Get Ballmer another chair ’cause it’s time to panic

Cellular service providers have been wanting to take a piece of the pie that Apple curently holds, but it would seem that at $2.50 per song, Sprint customers are reluctant to take a bite.


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