Macs, the other meat.


Let’s get right to it.

David Pogue thinks that the new iMac earns a place in the living room citing the style and the new entertainment capabilities of the new iMac as enticing enough to put it in the public area of your house for your visitors to gawk at.

A writer dumps his Dell and gets for himself an iMac. But he feels left out by not being able to use Ad-Aware (wtf???) and Google Maps. Still, the trade off was worth it with a computer that was a joy to use.

Mac sales are said to be increasing 45% every year. So the question is, can the resurgence of the Mac last?

A writer thinks that enable for Apple to win the OS coup, it should license out their Mac OS license. But some Mac users disagree. It’s not just about the OS, but the user experience as well. If every Tom, Dick, and Harry started putting Tiger in every biege or blue or black boxes out there, then the Apple mystique goes away. But, hey, it’s just me. I’m the same guy that takes photos of boxes.


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