Apple News


Rumor: new hardware at Apple Expo Paris.

Steve Jobs says they are on track in shipping Intel-based Macs by June 2006. Jobs also vows to stand firm against greedy music companies (can you say ‘Sony’ and ‘Warner’?). This is in light of the fact some music companies want Apple to raise the $0.99 price tag of songs sold in iTMS. These companies are already earning a profit especially since they barely have any cost when they release the songs through iTMS.

Bill Husted offers an advice to a reader whether to get a Mac or a Windows PC. Husted tries to sound unbiased and knowledgeable.

Mac OS 10.4 is reviewed by an experienced Windows user who switched two years ago. This the same Mac OS that Vista is going to trample over 18 months from now. Marcus kelmon gives the pros and cons of Tiger. A nice read.


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