OS X on an ‘ordinary PC’


I think the writer meant “Windows-based PC.” But then again he could be right; Windows is pretty ordinary.

A hacker’s managed to make OS 10.4 run on a Sony Viao, months ahead of Apple’s planned release of their Intel based PCs. Screenshots and instructions are available on UneasySilence.com. I guess deep down, Windows zealots secretly wish they can run Mac OS X on their “ordinary PCs.” August 15, 2005, 7:49PM

Update: August 19, 2005
It would seem that Apple doesn’t like the idea of the renegade OSx86 . Apple has sent a cease and desist order to various Apple/Mac newsites to stop them from posting links to the now famous non-Apple PC running OS 10.4. It might be bad news for Apple that Tiger can now run under Intel (and perhaps AMD) based chips way ahead of the official release of the the MacTel PCs in 2006. But it is even worse news for Microsoft. People now have an alternative OS for their PC (other than Linux) aside from Windows. The problem with this is that this will make pirated OS X more commonplace and that’s not good for Apple. MDN

Update: September 1, 2005
Two weeks after the seeing Mac OSX on an Intel hardware comes Mac OSX on an AMD CPU. But this time, only two pictures and a short message was sent anonymously. This time Mac OSX was presumably a legit copy and it was not running on a VMWare hack. I wonder how Apple is reacting to this.


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