More viruses for your PC… and your digital music player


Times are tough for Microsoft Windows users. Worms have been coming out of the woodwork (pun intended) to infect their PCs recently. Last week, the Zotob worm wreaked havoc throughout the world and it is not just individuals that are hardest hit. North Carolina’s Department of Motor Vehicles was hit. Another worm has also hit 13 Daimler-Chrysler plants. Still another worm infected Windows 2000 PCs in CNN, ABC, The New York Times and Caterpillar Inc.

The writers of the Zotob and MyTob worms were caught in Turkey and Morocco, respectively, by FBI agents but there are sure more to come.

If you think worms and viruses can only be gotten from the net, well, don’t worry, Creative will give you one for free. 3,700 Creative Neeon were shipped with a worm known as Wullik. Glad to see that Creative is doing something really creative to beat Apple.. There’s no way Apple can compete this time. Imagine, free worm in every digital music player.

And if worms are viruses were not enough, trojans has stolen information from thousands of Windows users. Information such as passwords from online accounts to 50 banks, Ebay and Paypal logins, hundreds of credit card numbers and reams of personal data. Are you having fun yet? Well, a school in the US has rediscovered the fun of worrying about viruses when they ditched Apple in favor of Dell.

Your Mac has a virus. But not to worry, McAfee has released Virex for Mac. But really, do you need it?


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