Yet another reason to the switch: Zotob


No, Zotob isn’t a new drug or the name of an alien in Apple’s “Switch” campaign. If you have had your head stuck in a hole somewhere or isn’t a tech/gadget/internet savvy individual, then you probably don’t know that Zotob is the latest internet worm to attack Windows. The write up says, “There is absolutely no fool-proof methodology to stop yourself from these hacker attacks or viruses.” Not true, says Paul Murphy

Well, actually, yes there is. World wide, how many Sun Ray users have been shut down, ever, because of virus or worm attacks? That’s none, zero, not one, not ever. And do you know how many Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris users were affected by the last one hundred internet worms and or viruses to make the rounds? That’s right again, none.


For those who are really fed up with viruses, worms, and trojans running amuck in their Windows PC, Walt Mossberg offers resources for those who are interesed in switching to Mac. His article, Books for Switching to Macintosh, offers a reader books on the transition from Windows to Mac. Mossberg cites David Pogue’s and David Coursey’s books as well as Apple’s Switch site. MDN


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