More of that Tiger goodness


I’m off to more Tiger reviews. I’m looking for some dirt on the new OS and found from the not-good department at Slashdot that webpages can install widgets on Dashboard without your permission. A widget named “Zaptastic” can be installed in a PC running TIger by just going to a website. The widget can only be removed by removing it manually in the Library folder and restarting the computer. Porn sites are going to have a field day with this.

BBC has one of those mini-reviews about the Tiger, highlighting Spotlight, Dashboard, Safari RSS, and Automator. Not really worth mentioning. The reason why I included this is because of the comments following the article.

Rebecca Freed likes Spotlight but not enough to start updating all the Macs she has in her household. Her article Young Tiger Shows Strength But Has Room to Grow just talks a bit about the new OS but Tiger still left her wanting. There’s still the strange thing about the Mac having an easy to use disc-burning utility. Third-party application are still needed when you want to have more control in your disc-burning needs.

Still more of the Tiger goodness
The Inquirer
Apple leaves Microsoft in the dust
Panther vs Tiger
Boston Herald


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