To upgrade or not to upgrade.


If you’re like me (perish the thought), a Mac user, and you have been thinking about whether to upgrade to Tiger or not then Macworld’s article Upgrade or no? might be the help you need to decide. The author, Christopher Breen, cites the factors that will determine whether upgrading your OS is justifiable or not.Read the article and the comments. Who knows, spending 12,000 pesos won’t seem to frivolous after all.For me, I’ve decided not to upgrade even though the 12,000 pesos does include an iSight. Tiger looks attractive but it might just be cosmetic and nothing much in the way of a real world plus. And the iSight? Well, I don’t have anybody to chat with, so it’s a pretty useless device for me. Besides, I’m using the money to buy a 1 GB SODIMM RAM for my Powerbook.


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