@#$%*!& Safari!


Damn! It did it again!

Safari crashed on me. Again.

I had a couple of tabs open and I opened a link on a new tab. Safari froze, then crashed. AGAIN!

I don’t mind it when I only have two or three tabs open but I had more than five and those websites were the ones I was going to put in my blog.

Why not search your history and open those links again, you say? That’s a good idea! The problem is Apple seems to think that people shouldn’t repeat history hence they made looking for the websites you visited a big pain in the arse!

Unlike Internet Explorer where you can have a frame or window or whatever you call it open on the left side of your browser, Safari doesn’t have that. You have to scroll thru the 100+ pages you’ve been to inorder to find that few websites to you are interested. Safari opens a menu on the date where you want to look for the page and then you have to scroll by moving the mouse to the top or the bottom of that menu. The problem is, when the pointer leaves the menu, the menu closes! Then you have to repeat the procedure all over again. History, hover, point top or bottom, point outside. Repeat.

I’d like to curse here but I can’t. The children, you understand.


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