Thurrott steers Longhorn; the $500 PC shootout


Paul Thurrott reviews Longhorn build 5048. Before he reviews the cow he has this to say:

In many ways, OS X is simply better than Windows, especially for experienced computer users, and Tiger rubs Microsoft’s nose in the embarrassment of shipping a key Longhorn feature–instant desktop search–a full year ahead of the software giant.

I guess Longhorn’s still has a long way to go before it’s served to the masses. MDN has a field day on Thurrott.

From Thurrott to Kiplinger, a shootout among $500 PCs: three are Windows based (Dell Dimension 3000 ($547), eMachines T3828 (made by Gateway. Cost:$500), HP Pavilion a705w-b ($468)) and a Mac mini ($499). Long read and rather boring to me. But some might be interested in these Mac vs Windows comparison. Take note though: this doesn’t really apply here in the Philippines since you can get a complete set up for half the price of the Mac mini but it means you have to do research. The Mac mini, for me, is for those people who doesn’t have time to research which motherboard is best for its price and which hard drive to get. It is also for people who doesn’t want to learn how to look for anti-virus and anti-mal-spyware on the internet and can’t afford to play around with these things so that you don’t have to do maintenance every week. Mac mini is expensive here in the Philippines, but the price is worth it for those who just wants to have a computer that works. Which reminds me, I have a post about Mac vs Windows but haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet. Coming soon.


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