I did say that I wasn’t going to post anything else about Tiger and I know that you might just throw up when you read another post about Tiger.


Grab your barf bag.

I just couldn’t resist.


But this time I have found some goodies that people are starting to complain about Tiger. But first some goody tidbits.

Engadget tried to look for a negative write-up or article about the Tiger but had a hard time finding one. The one that came close was Stephen Wildstrom MDN of Business Week but no cigar. Apparently Engadget wrote their Pipeline too early since there has been several complaints about Tiger.

One complaint is that upon installation, Tiger resets default items such as browsers (from Firefox to Safari) and mail applications. But this problem doesn’t seem to affect all users hence the lack of an uproar. People are hoping that some things will be fixed when update 10.4.1 comes out, rumored to be sometime mid- to end of May.

Another problem seen is on applications such as Macromedia’s Flash, Director, and Fireworks. For those who used “Archive and Install” or “Erase and Install” option they might need to reactivate the previously installed Macromedia softwares. Other applications are also affected. Go to eWeek‘s article about this problem. Another problem here.


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