History of the GUI; Apple as a consumer giant?


ARS Technica presents the history of the Graphic User Interface or GUI. The father of GUI, Douglas Engelbart, had a hard time selling his idea back in the 50’s but managed to US Air Force to fund his ideas. Engelbart wasn’t only a pioneer in computing but he was also the inventor of the mouse which was first seen in his demonstration of the oN-Line System or NLS in 1968. From there Xerox PARC created their first computer to complement their laser printer in 1973. It was during this time that the familiar arrow we use as pointers for our mouse took shape.

But Xerox didn’t make it into the computer business. Instead the GUi revolution was powered by one small company, Apple. And as they say, the rest is history. That is not to say there weren’t other companies who worked to bring GUI to everyone. There was VisiOn, Windows 1.0, Tandy DeskMate, and others. The article is a good read. Highly recommended. MDN

Apple at the crossroads
According to Macworld, Apple, from a computer company, may be on the way on becoming a global consumer brand. The story is taken from Laptop Magazine’s Can Apple Stay on Top? which list down 10 signs Apple will continue to grow and 10 signs that Apple could fall.


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