Big virus; Cultists are smug


The Register writes:

Viruses don’t have to be a fact of life. There are no viruses on OS X — not a single one. The reason most often touted is Apple’s lack of critical mass, but that argument has been beaten to death.

Why, then, are there no viruses for OS X?

Beyond critical mass, I would like to believe there’s a better reason for the lack of viruses on OS X, and it’s based on the culture of the Mac — which is distinctly different from other platforms. Is it wrong to try a new computer system and actually enjoy the user experience, for a change? Can you imagine a world where (today) you can click on anything and never worry about malicious intent?

Perhaps I’m living in a pipe dream, but that reality is here today. Linux is also close, but OS X is already there. Perhaps Apple’s big virus is really just the market enthusiasm that translate to new unit sales, spread like a contagion, that fuels their 70% year-over-year revenue growth.MDN

From the BBC:

Now, there’s no doubt Apple products are very good and it’s not just a triumph of style, though style is clearly important, but, it seems to me, at least, that these gatherings do exude smugness.

But there is a global sociological phenomenon going on – to do perhaps with a minority who believe they have seen a truth. MDN


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