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J.R.R. Tolkien: Lord of the Rings. You areentertaining and imaginative, creating wholenew worlds around yourself. Well loved, youhave a whole league of imitators, none of whichis quite as profound as you are. Stories andsongs give a spark of joy in the middle of youreternal battle with the forces of evil. I took this test which […]



I like squid. Not the teeny tiny ones but the bigger kind. Sometimes I would crave for ika sushi or ika sashimi and head to Tsuru. But every now and then I hunger for calamares and there’s only one place in town that serves them real good: Kanto Bar. It’s not every time that their […]

The Washington Apple Pi (WAP) has been around for 27 years but I only knew about it 27 minutes ago. According to their Apple Pi Chronology WAP was founded on March 1978 and they tout it to be the oldest Mac community in the US (and perhaps the world). The reason why I took notice […]

The Detroit News Technology got their copy of Tiger the same time that Tiger was released. They installed the new OS in a Mac Mini, a PowerBook G4 and a PowerMac G5 and after a week of using it they compiled a quick guide on their favorite features on Tiger. There’s really nothing new to […]

After launching four new iTunes Music Stores, Apple announced in a press statement that iTMS has sold more than 400 million songs. This is after surpassing the 350 millionth mark last month. The Register reports that with the addition of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland it brings the total of iTunes Music Stores to nineteen. […]

The Mac Observer reports that Apple has been granted a patent for a tablet Mac. The patent filing is said to compare the tablet Mac to the HP Compaq Tablet PC and other tablet PCs. Reactions to the tablet Mac are mixed. Some think it’s ridiculous while some can’t wait to get it. Personally, I […]

PCWorld quips that the Mac mini might be the small impressive system that could tempt people to switch to the Mac and gives it four out of five stars. It further adds, “The Mac Mini provides an elegant way to enter the Mac universe without having to spend too much.” MDN Mathew Ingram reviews the […]