Switching away from Mac


I have heard and read about people switching to Mac. They have gotten sick and tired of all the viruses, the rojans, and the spyware and malwares that plagued Windows.

But I am also interested in those who decided that they don’t want to have anything to do with the Mac anymore. Some call themselves “unswitchers“.

Unswitch is written by Tim Bray, who works at Sun Microsystems, feels that Apple is too secretive and a big bully. Those are some of the reasons he came up on why he wanted to switch. He also cites the problem he has with Safari as another reason he is thinking of switching.

Jeremy Zawodny, in his blog I’m joining the majority in putting the Mac aside in 2005, has a lot of gripes when using a Mac. His major gripe would seem to be he can’t make the Mac work on Yahoo!. He seems to hate using his Powerbook because he can’t use the Desktop Search, Launch and Yahoo Messenger properly or at all. He also feels that open source softwares for the Mac are not as good as those for Linux, or those for Windows for that matter.

DrunkenBlog is somewhat an adjoiner to Tim Bray’s Unswitch. The author is also thinking of unswitching because of not one reason but five to six things.

As expected, their blogs drew a flurry of reactions. A lot of comments were posted at the end of each blog. Some agree to the unswitchers

A blog actually responded to Jeremy Zawodny’s blog. Jeremy Zawodny: Putting the Mac aside in 2005 is a sort of rebuttal on Zawodny’s unswitching. The author seems to be disheartened at Zawodny’s decision to unswitch. It’s no total loss for me. I found out that most people who complains about Macs are Linux users at the same time. They hate the idea that Linux does run well on an Apple hardware. That’s why they go back to Windows.

A MacNN forum puts a link to the blogs and a discussion follows after.


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