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Well, not exactly. More like laziness. My brain decided to take a leave of absence and I have been walking around for the past week or so with my head empty and my mind foggy. I just got back into writing something with Tiger streak. which is a collection of Tiger stories and articles throughout […]

iTMS turns 2


Today, the iTunes Music Store turns two years old. Starting off with 200,000 songs, it now has four times the number of songs. To date 350 million songs have been downloaded from iTMS. Spymac Another story from Macworld

Oh, the irony!


MacDailyNews reports that a new campaign ad for Windows XP was actually made on a Mac. I downloaded the said campaign ad and it does say it was made in “Adobe Photoshop CS Macintosh.” How ironic. There’s another ironic ad this time from Sony. The ad is for their Viao line of notebooks. However, Engadget […]

Things happen in the shower most of them on the kinky note. For me it is different. I’m not talking about a different kind of kinky but a different kind of ‘thing’. For some strange reason I find showering a time to think. Whenever I am in the shower the rest of the world seems […]

On April 12, MaCNN reported that Mac OS 10.4, or more popularly know as “Tiger”, will go on sale on April 29 and pre-orders are available. Tiger will sell for $130 and a family pack will sell for $200. Apple is also offering an iLife, iWork, and Tiger bundle for $249. In line with the […]

A lot of folks have been doing transparent screens on their Mac desktops and portables. Even Nitrozac and Snaggy of Joy of Tech has made a cartoon about it. I was pleasantly surprised to see a link to a transparent screen tutorial. I’m going to try this sometime soon. I’ll post the results of my […]

Macworld has some ideas and suggestions for those Mac users who travel frequently. Tips include bringing along a large plastic bag as backup rain protection and getting a USB phone charger. Other pages has tips on getting online and safety measures one can take during your travels. Informative and helpful especially when you are about […]