"Shopping for an inexpensive PC? Make it a Mac Mini. You won’t regret it."


Or so Mr. Tom Gromak says.

Mr. Gromak gets asked often on what he can recommend for an inexpensive PC and he would answer: go to Dell’s website and look at the Inspiron series.

Well not anymore.

Not since he got a Mac mini.

Mr. Gromak isn’t a stranger to Mac. He used one of the pre-OS X machines that ran under Mac OS 9. He said it was slow and applications for it was difficult to find.

When he removed the Mac mini from its box though, he knew things would be different. He was enamored by the size and design. He was delighted on how easy it was to set it up. He just plugged in his display, keyboard and trackball to their respective ports and in no time at all the mini was up and running.

He was also impressed by the software the mini came with and how his old devices, such as a scanner, a printer and a digital camera, was easily recognize once he found drivers for them.

For three weeks on running the mini he didn’t even once reboot his computer. The mini would just go to sleep when he left it alone and wakes up when he needs it. He also didn’t notice any slowdown that plagues Windows machine.

It is also as quiet as a mouse. He couldn’t even tell whether his mini is running or not.

In the end, he says whenever someone would ask him what inexpensive PC he can recommend, it’s going to be the Mac mini. His parting words are: “I realized that I could be a switcher. And I’d like it. It’s safe to say you will, too.”

Link to his article.


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