What me, Mac user?


December 13 wasn’t much of a birthday, much more happy. It was depressing, disappointing. I’d sooner forget about it.

I’ve posted all of my blogs from my iBook. I am thinking of getting a new iBook from Hong Kong since it’s more expensive here in the Philippines.

I was doing my usual morning surfing when I came upon two articles by Paul Murphy.

The first is You Know You Might Be a Mac User If… on which he talks about the different concerns a Mac user has from that of a PC user.

The second, Are Macintosh Users Smarter Than PC Users?, just tries to answer the question, “Are Mac users smarter than PC users? Hmmm… Click, read and find out.

I can still remember several years ago that I questioned the sanity of anybody who would even remotely conisder getting a Mac. Back then, I was more interested in getting a desktop than a laptop (or as Apple would call it, portables, since you don’t often put them on your lap but more often carry them around because they are uhh.. portable). It’s not that I didn’t want to but I couldn’t afford one. So back then, a desktop Mac was way more expensive than a desktop PC. Almost 100 to 150 percent difference. You can get a desktop PC for 30,000 pesos. You couldn’t get a Mac for less than 50,000 pesos.

But things change. And needs change. And fortunes change (I can also attribute it to a bit of acting and misinterpretation of actions). I became fond of portables since a) I could do my “work” anywhere, at anytime (what work?); b) they are so cool and; c) I wanted one because there was free wifi at Basti’s Brew, Victoria Plaza.

You might all notice here that my feet aren’t firmly on the ground (and my head’s not screwed on tight) and my priorities are not what you call “right” (blame it on my upbringing. I know I do.)

Right now, as I am thinking of getting a new portable (it’s want; not need) I rarely even consider getting a notebook running under Windows. Why? Because I rarely had any problems with this iBook (or maybe it’s just because of the things I read about Mac rarely having problems. Talk about brainwashing). My frivolity is getting the best of me. Would you believe I am actually considering going to Hongkong just because an iBook there is cheaper than buying here in the Philippines? Ridiculous! Unless of course my dad springs for the ticket and accomodation, then I will definitely go to Hongkong to get that damned iBook.

At any rate, I don’t think I’ll ever buy a Windows notebook anytime in the near future. I’m sticking with Apple even though there are some programs that aren’t available for Mac OS X (mostly games) but I can live with those. I still have my desktop PC (which I’m going to sell soon).

This has been a long diatribe. I’ll stop now.


One Response to “What me, Mac user?”

  1. 1 aivoz

    wow.. you certainly have no life! heehee… mac obsessed… i swung the idea of me getting an ibook for university next year at my dad, and he turned it down.. sticking with the sony tr series.. hahahaha… meh… i gave up on the mini fad… coz my ipod looks soo much better! hahahahah…jk…anyways.. HAPPY NEW YEAR, BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BELATED MERRY CHRISTMAS, BELATED THREE KINGS, BELATED CHRISMUKKAH, and all the like from this holiday season.. regards to everyone!

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