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December 13 wasn’t much of a birthday, much more happy. It was depressing, disappointing. I’d sooner forget about it. I’ve posted all of my blogs from my iBook. I am thinking of getting a new iBook from Hong Kong since it’s more expensive here in the Philippines. I was doing my usual morning surfing when […]

I’m 29-years-old today. I feel like I’m 150 though. Twelve people have greeted me today, Jong last last week and Geno last Friday. That makes it fourteen! Yay! Nothing much is happening on this “special” day of mine. Hell! It’s not “my” day techinically. I probably share this birthday with 100 million other people of […]

This is the second time that I had my picture in a newspaper. Vain? Me? Of course! Not everyone gets there picture printed in the newspaper (except for my cuz, Aivory).