iBook rants


About a year or so ago, I wanted to pamper myself by buying myself a notebook. I was eyeing the Asus 5200N since it suited most of my requirements, which were:

1. should be less than 2.5 kgs;

2. built in WiFi;

3. shouldn’t cost more than 90,000 pesos and;

4. battery life of at least 3 hours.

All requirements were met by the Asus 5200N except for the last item. You had to buy a separate battery pack so that the Asus 5200N will last for more than 5 hours. That meant extra weight and extra cost.

But I put purchasing the unit off untill I decided I really don’t deserve a notebook then even though it was supposed to be a reward for passing the Medical Technology Board Exams.

So I decided not to get a notebook, right? i stayed in Manila running various errands for my brothers. Then this acquiantance of mine sent me an SMS excitedly telling me that there’s this great deal for an iBook.

(I did consider an iBook in my shopping for a notebook but one disadvantage (the only disadvantage) was that I might not be able to learn programming using an iBook since at that time I wasn’t sure if there was a programming software for Mac. I was wrong in assuming that there was no programming software for Mac and I was wrong in assuming I’d actually get off my lazy butt and learn anything useful.)

So here he was telling me it was a great deal and how I’d be stupid to pass this chance off. After researching on the net (what will we ever do without it) I found out that the 12″ G4 800MHz iBook at that time did suit my needs or wants. Except for the fact that it only had 30GB didn’t seem to matter. I was excited at the thought of getting a new tech toy and whenever I get excited, my mind melts into a pool of slime that doesn’t allow me to think clearly and rationally.

After many SMS and many internet browsing later, I relented and said, “Yes.”

I thought that after awhile I’ll regret my purchase. I did; after a couple of days but I changed my mind after a few weeks of using this and after the initial euphoria died down.

I love my iBook but I feel a change in the wind coming and pretty soon… Well, who knows.


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